Pizza with Pizzazz? Yes, Please!

Pizza is a favorite meal in pretty much everyone’s home. And while a typical slice may satisfy, pizza is the type of food that can be tweaked in endless ways. Whether you get creative with the toppings, the dough or the entire concept, it’s easier than you may think to make your everyday pizza recipe feel special (and even more nutritious). That’s why we’ve rounded up these recipes.

Beany Mini Pizzas
While burgers and pizza are both famous as comfort foods, combining them may seem a bit of a stretch. Not so! Beany mini pizzas utilize Italian sausage, ham and beans, and pepper jack cheese atop English muffins to give this dinner a sloppy-joe feel.

Artichoke Turkey Pizza
Who says pizza can’t be nutritious? Swapping in turkey instead of pepperoni means fewer calories and less saturated fat. Plus, this combination of delicious ingredients can help you achieve your daily goals of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and iron.

Greek Style Pizza
Create a pizza that brings out all of the flavors you love in Greek food -- think, a crispy crust topped with spinach, tomatoes, artichokes and classic feta cheese. Substituting standard dough for phyllo crust gives mealtime a Mediterranean flair, and the add-ons make it a great way for your family to eat their daily veggie servings (and be none the wiser!).

Pepperoni Pizza Chili
Whether you’re hunkering down during a cold winter, or just craving some good ol’ comfort food, you likely know how a chili can satisfy your need for a warm, savory dish. Now, just add pizza. Who wouldn’t be comforted by pizza in a bowl? To prepare this pepperoni pizza chili recipe, use pepperoni instead of beef, and the whole family will be asking for seconds. Bonus: Each serving provides a healthy amount of fiber and protein to help keep you and your family feeling full until the next meal!