What is FlashSteam®, and why does it matter?

The journey of Hunt's® diced, whole and stewed tomato products begins in California—an ideal location to grow tomatoes. California gets at least eight hours of sunlight daily and is a perfect climate for tomato growth on the vine. Once the tomatoes have been ripened to perfection, they are harvested. On average, 465 trailer loads of tomatoes come down through the valley every single day (Wow!).

Despite the volume, in just ten hours the tomatoes are able to move from raw tomatoes to canning, which helps seal in the freshness and quality of the final product. And due to their short time spent from vine to can; the tomatoes contain no artificial preservatives. But, before the tomatoes can be canned they need to have the skins removed.

It’s at this point when the FlashSteam peeling takes place; all of the 100-percent natural tomatoes are peeled using only water and steam. Besides being a natural way of removing the tomato skins, the FlashSteam process is also incredibly environmentally friendly. The team makes it a point to use each part of the tomato, thus creating no waste, no related transportation energy, and no impact on landfills.

by Vanessa Voltolina